Texas Business Law, Transaction and Startups

Business law is an umbrella term that covers a number of different legal areas that affect small business owners. In many instances, state law requires businesses to operate under specific regulations, and companies that fail to adhere to these regulations may face significant fines and other punishments that could affect their long-term prospects.

That’s why many startups, as well as established businesses, hire an business law attorney who is experienced in business law. There are certain legal matters that do not require the help of a lawyer, but by and large, the issues that most affect the viability of a business are complex, time-consuming, and require deft handling. In those instances, an experienced business lawyer is a must.

Common Types of Legal Issues Handled By a Business Lawyer

There are many types of legal issues that affect a business, but some of the most common include:

Choosing business structure

the type of business structure you choose can have long-term consequences in terms of liability and taxes. A business lawyer can help you understand the advantages and drawbacks of forming a limited liability corporation (LLC), S-Corp, C-Corp, sole proprietorship or partnership.

Adhering to health and safety laws

brick-and-mortar businesses must comply with state and federal health and safety laws, or risk liability for incidences such as slip-and-fall accidents.

Contract Disputes

there are many types of business contract disputes that occur based on specific circumstances. A business attorney had can help you resolve employment contract disputes, breach of real estate disputes, breach of construction disputes, and also provide contract review, contract interpretation, enforcement of contract, create non-disclosure contracts and litigate violations of non-disclosure agreements, and help resolve disputes between partners in a business.

Franchise Law

business owners interested in franchise opportunities often need the expertise of a business attorney that can create franchise disclosure documents, franchise agreements, and contracts.

Commercial Fraud

If your company has been the victim of commercial fraud, which is defined as any deceptive practice with the intention of making a profit, an experienced business lawyer can help pursue a claim against those responsible. Conversely, if your company has been accused of commercial fraud, a business law firm can defend you in a court of law.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Selling

Entrepreneurs with thriving businesses may want to merge with another company to grow their business, or they may want to buy another business and expand their market presence. In either case, a business lawyer can provide consultation services and create the legal documentation necessary for compliance with state laws. These services also apply if a business owner wants to sell his or her company.